The Party Bible


Party guru Liz Brewer reveals the secrets of successful entertaining and etiquette in her new book.

Published April 3rd 2003

About the Party Bible

Liz Brewer, party organiser to the stars, distills her 25 years of experience in The Party Bible, a new book detailing each and every significant aspect of an event with an assortment of ideas and advice for every existing or wannabe hostess.

“I adore parties, and I love to create and organise them. I particularly enjoy the freedom they give to dress up, be with friends, and live out dreams with style and panache. In my opinion the world of ‘party’ begins when people arrive home, take off their working expressions, and change from their daily uniform into something that reflects their personality or fantasy.”

Clearly illustrated using her unique ‘party tree’, Liz Brewer covers every ‘branch’ of the party, from the initial idea to themes, decoration, entertainment, food and staff. The Party Bible fuses ideas with anecdotes from the author’s own memorable events and experiences on the celebrity circuit.

Brewer suggests party entertainment ideas such as line dancing, Scottish reel dancing and even games such as ‘Sardines’ and ‘Murder in the Dark’; to help keep guests amused as well as giving helpful recipes for canap’s and cocktails.

In addition to describing the intricate details of party planning, such as what cutlery and table linen to use for a dinner, Brewer goes to lengths to explain ‘party etiquette’. This includes help on how to choose the right guests, how to write a good invitation and dealing with drunken guests and gatecrashers. The author cites a case from her own experiences on the A-list party circuit.

The Party Bible is also richly illustrated with hitherto unpublished photographs of some of Liz’s most memorable events and partying celebrities.

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From Brave New World :

Having organised high profile events for the rich and famous for two and a half decades Liz Brewer is at the top of the list of any self respecting celebrity who wants to get noted and entertain their guests at the same time. This book, along with dozens of photographs of parties organised by the author (some quite bizarre) goes through all of the various headings needed to organise something and it soon becomes clear that some of these events are akin to a military plan, however without precise planning everything would fall apart. Looking through the party tree with branches instead of chapters you soon find taxing problems such as entertainment, the sort of food, decoration, games, staff, and that’s after such important items such as budget, location, the guest list and all of the equipment needed.

Starting at the beginning is an overview that will probably put you off becoming a host, but it needs to be worked through. Looking at some of the equipment that might be needed makes you question whether your electricity supply can cope. That, along with the problems caused by large numbers of guests often incline the host to choosing a venue that isn’t at home, but don’t worry there is a long suggestion list of venues from an aeroplane to the zoo. The guest list, along with the style of invitation is early up, and of course it is the guests who will make or break your event. Tips about the right mix, and the time limits that define the event between drinks and food help and further little tips in the margins are important. Then it is on to the prickly question of dress, even down to what shoes as well as parking, security, cloakrooms, themes and balloons.

When you read through this it is no wonder that Liz Brewer is in demand. What starts out as a simple idea of ‘lets have a party’ can soon become a logistical nightmare, which you will want to pass onto somebody else.

Whether it is table laying, menus, or the duties of the host, then you shouldn’t look any further than this. Remember that the author has built up her reputation over a long period, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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